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Hi, my name is Jack!

Hi there and welcome to NRLE.org. Thanks for checking out the website. My name is Jack and I’m the one behind this amazing website (well, it’s not the prettiest, but the content does the job!).

I started this website because I want to help people learn how they can pass a an at-home screening. We don’t need to go into the details, but it’s a shame that some private companies are still screening.

What’s funny is that the person that throws back a few drinks is encouraged, while the occasional toker is potentially held back from their dream job (I promised I wouldn’t get into, but I did–okay, no more!).

What about your synthetic urine reviews?

All the information on this site is curated from other websites. Most of the information is taken from various online forums that talk about personal testing experiences. The urine screening test seems like the easiest test to swing in your favor. And synthetic urine looks like the most promising method that delivers results.

Best Synthetic Urine 2015 – Does It Work?

I haven’t decided if this site will talk about the other tests: hair, saliva, and blood. The hair test looks like a challenging one to swing in your favor while the mouth swab test looks ridiculously easy to manipulate.


Many people wonder if the Whizzinator still works in 2015. It’s popularity peaked around 2005, but it’ still being used on screenings today. Read our full Whizzinator Review.


As I’ve mentioned before, this site curates its information from blogs across the internet. NRLE.org is not responsible for how you choose to use the information provided. The information is considered to be “as is” and may not be accurate.